Prof. Dr. Hematram Yadav

Sr. Public Health Specialist,


Prof. Moy Foon Ming

Professor in Epidemiology and Public Health,
Social and Preventive Medicine Department,
Faculty of Medicine,
University of Malaysia,

Dr. Moy is a Professor of Epidemiology from the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  She teaches Epidemiology, Research Methodology and Evidence-Based Medicine to both undergraduate and postgraduate candidates. Her research interests include Translational Research in the prevention of obesity and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the community setting, Workplace Wellness and the effects of lifestyle behaviors (diet, physical activity etc.) on NCDs.  She has been actively involved in conducting studies in experimental design and various types of observational studies.  She is one of the World’s Top 2 % Scientists (for both 2019 and 2020) in the Stanford University’s list.   

Currently, she heads a cohort study comprising of almost 15,000 teachers from the Peninsular Malaysia (CLUSTer).  A biobank with serum, plasma and buffy coat was set up.  The study aims to determine the temporal relationship between lifestyle practices (smoking, diet and physical activity) and stress with cardiovascular diseases with repeated measurements over time.   Currently follow up with the teachers is ongoing with five DrPH and one PhD candidates.   

Dr. Moy is also actively involved in another study that works on the development of a mobile diet app using image capture as the dietary assessment method. This project is in collaboration with co-researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Science.  The goal is to have users monitor their diet and for researchers in the nutrition field to have a better tool in diet assessment.   

Dr. Moy has generated research grants amounting to more than RM2 million. She published more than 100 manuscripts in peer review journals. She is also active in supervising research candidates.  To date, she has successfully supervised to completion more than 50 DrPH,  PhD, MMedSc by Research and Master of Public Health candidates.  

Dr. Moy initiated and established the University of Malaya Wellness Program in 2008 and coordinated the program until 2013. She also coordinated the implementation of Clinical Epidemiology-Evidence Based Medicine module in the MBBS curriculum in 2008.  Currently, she is the coordinator for the Master of Public Health program, since 2018.  She is the review editor for Frontiers Public Health.  She was also the associate editors for BMC Women’s Health and Malaysian Journal of Nutrition up to the year 2021.  She actively reviews manuscripts for both local and international journals. 

She is actively engaging with the media in health advocacy especially in the prevention of obesity and NCDs, promotion of healthy lifestyle and lately in the preventive measures of COVID-19 as well as promotion of COVID vaccination.  During the current COVID pandemic, she works actively in the promotion of non-pharmaceutical measures in the prevention of COVID-19 among the public, via the mass media in English, Mandarin and Malay languages. 

Dr. Prerna

Dr. Prerna Bhasin

Ph.D., MPH, MSc, MBA Lead,
Community Data Program Toronto Consortium Consultant,
Planning Analysis – Social Research & Information Management Unit,
Social Development Finance & Administration Division,

Dr. Bhasin is also a founding director of a statistical consulting firm registered and based out of Ontario, Canada. She with her firm takes pride in providing academic and research centric solutions ranging from statistical and writing consulting, to technical endorsement with quantitative and qualitative analyses especially in social and health sciences. She is a social epidemiologist whose work focuses extensively on psychosocial and biological determinants of health outcomes. Her research has been oriented towards understanding social inequalities in health related to socioeconomic status, different racial and ethnic groups, and maternal-child health along with understanding chronic burden as an outcome of these mechanisms. Majority of her work is devoted to constructing a model based on life course conceptual framework for chronic diseases and suggesting evaluation of health outcomes systematically in child health through maternal parameters. She believes in through understanding of the most vulnerable phases in women’s life cycle-menarche, pregnancy and senescence of reproductive phase for assessing maternal-child health outcomes. Dr. Bhasin is also director with IPSOS Public Affairs, CA.  Dr. Bhasin received her PhD from University of Delhi in India, and her MPH from Kings College London, UK.

public health conferences 2021

Dr. Raman Preet

Global Health and Epidemiology Unit,
Umeå University,

Victor Hoe

Professor Dr. Victor Hoe

Head Department of Social and Preventive Medicine Faculty of Medicine,
University of Malaya,
Kuala Lumpur.

Dr Victor Hoe 

Professor of Occupational and Public Health 

Public Health Medicine Specialist 

MBBS (Mangalore), MPH (Malaya), MPH(OH)(Malaya), MEng(SHE)(Malaya), MOSH (Turin/ITC-ILO), Ph.D.(Monsah), FAOEMM, FAMM
Department of Social and Preventive Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya
50603 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA 

Dr Victor Hoe is a Professor of Occupational and Public Health. He is the Head of the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine in the University of Malaya and the Public Health Department, University Malaya Medical Centre.  

He is part of the UMMC COVID-19 task force since 6 January 2020. His role in the task force was to manage the environment issue in the University Malaya Medical Centre to reduce the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2. He is also part of the team that developed the UMMC risk assessment and surveillance system. He is working with an interdisciplinary team of researchers from the Engineering and Dental faculties to develop innovative methods for the risk assessment and control of COVID-19 in hospital and clinical settings. Among them was the development of the Hybrid Mask Sterilizer and the aerosol collector during dental dental treatment for COVID-19 prevention.  

The Hybrid Mask Sterilizer is the Gold Medal winner at the 4th Invention Academic Conference 2020 in Korea and Silver Award at the Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE 2021) – COVID-19 International Innovation Award II. The Aerosol Collector for during Dental Treatment for COVID-19 prevention received the silver award the Malaysia Technology Expo – MTE 2021.  

He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Occupational Health and Safety from Monash University in Melbourne Australia. He also has the Master of Public Health, Master of Public Health (Occupational Health) and Master of Engineering (Safety, Health and Environment) from the University of Malaya, and the Master of Occupational Safety and Health from the University of Turin and the International Labour Organization (ILO) – International Training Centre in Turin, Italy. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine Malaysia and Fellow of the Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Malaysia.  

He was the recipient of the first of the two International Commission for Occupational Health (ICOH) and ILO Master Fellowship. 

mr. sonny sukada

Sonny Sukada

Executive Director,

Chunhuei Chi-min

Prof. Chunhuei Chi


Director, Center for Global Health
Professor, Global Health Program (MPH & Ph.D.)
Professor, Health Management and Policy Program (BS, MPH, & Ph.D.)
College of Public Health and Human Sciences
Oregon State University, USA

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Eric Woo

Mr. Eric Woo

Plenary Speaker

Regional Director
ECRI Asia Pacific Regional Office

Eric Woo joined ECRI in February 2015 as a Regional Director. He is responsible for the business development activities of ECRI in the Asia Pacific region and operational management of the regional office. In ECRI, he leads the delivery of healthcare technology management solutions and has extensive expertise ranging from medical device testing and evaluation, technology assessment and research, capital acquisition and procurement, risk management and patient safety. Through ECRI’s recent international engagements during the COVID-19 outbreak, he has also been involved in market analysis, supply chain analysis, and providing expert advice on the supply of critical medical products such as personal protective equipment (PPE) required to respond to the pandemic.

Before joining ECRI in 2015, Mr. Woo was the Chief Operating Officer of a private hospital for sports injuries and stem cell technology. His notable contribution includes the development of hospital best practice, development of a brand-new Radiology department and development of a research and development arm for the innovation of stem cell technology for musculoskeletal treatment. He was also engaged in Malaysia as part of the panel representative from private healthcare system for innovation research and development. He spearheaded many round-table discussions initiated by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Science Innovation and Technology Malaysia for the guideline development for stem cell technology.

His over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry includes serving as Regional Manager, Country Manager and Product Manager of several medical devices and implant organization. He was heavily involved in many new hospital projects from planning to final commissioning of equipment, some notable projects include Prince Court Medical Centre (227 bed), Sunway Medical Centre (358 bed), and Putrajaya Hospital (430 bed). New healthcare services concepts were also proposed to both private and government institutions such as the privatization of Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD).

Mr. Woo has successfully introduced Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) procedure in Malaysia which has become the gold standard procedure for Sinus surgery today. He also introduced the use of advanced electrosurgery system for bariatric and gynaecology procedures. He has conducted numerous educational cadaveric workshops for surgeons to stay updated on cutting-edge technology and surgical procedures. Many of his training programs focus on equipment usage, safety, and procedural techniques.

Mr. Woo is also involved in designing and delivering training programs on strategic management, strategic planning & implementation, and leadership & innovation. He is a frequently invited speaker in a wide range of healthcare-related topics for health conferences in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Pakistan.

Education and Professional Memberships

  • MBA from University of Southern Queensland,
  • Certificate in Chartered of Marketing, United
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate in Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA)
  • Certified Healthcare Risk Manager, CAHO/ASQUA