The 10th International Conference on Public Health 2024


Keynote Speaker

Dra. OOS Fatimah Rosyati, M.Kes
Dra. OOS Fatimah Rosyati, M.Kes

Director of Health Workforce Provision
Directorate General of Health Workforce
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

Dra. OOS Fatimah Rosyati, M.Kes, brings an extensive wealth of expertise and leadership within the realms of public health and health workforce management. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the esteemed Institute Technology Bandung (ITB University) and a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Padjajaran Bandung (UNPAD), she possesses a robust academic foundation. Dra. Rosyati has adeptly navigated through pivotal roles in health workforce planning and management, showcasing her strategic vision and organizational acumen.
Her professional journey encompasses notable positions, including Director of Health Workforce Planning (2016-2018) and Secretary General of the Indonesia Health Professional Council (2018-2020), where she consistently demonstrated her leadership prowess. Acknowledging her commitment to education, Dra. Rosyati obtained the Head of Lector certification from the Ministry of Education Republic of Indonesia in 2021. Her unwavering dedication to shaping the health workforce persisted through her roles as Director of Health Workforce Training (2020-2022) and currently as the Director of Health Workforce Provision (2022-2024). Dra. OOS Fatimah Rosyati’s diverse experience underscores her steadfast commitment to enhancing the quality and efficacy of health professionals in Indonesia. She stands as a seasoned professional, leaving a lasting impact on health workforce development and public health initiatives.

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Juliet Nyasulu (Committee Member) Health Systems Strengthening Specialist - Senior Lecturer Universiteit Stellenbosch University South Africa
Dr. Juliet Nyasulu

Health Systems Strengthening Specialist – Senior Lecturer
Universiteit Stellenbosch University
South Africa

Dr Juliet Nyasulu: Health system-strengthening expert with over 25 years’ experience working the African health systems including in South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique and sub-Saharan Africa. She has a PHD in Public health with focus on health systems strengthening through quality assurance. In Malawi between 1995-2006 she worked for the Ministry of Health, OXFAM GB and GOAL Ireland. Currently Dr Nyasulu is with Faculty of health Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. She also collaborates in research and lectures at the Malawi College of Medicine Department of Health Systems and Policy. In RSA, she facilitated the establishment of the South African Coalition for Women, Adolescents and Child Health (SACSOWCH) was the first co-Chair in 2015. In South Africa, she serves as a National Certification Committee (NCC) Chair overseeing the polio eradication efforts for the country.

Assoc. Prof. Quek Kia Fatt
Assoc. Prof. Quek Kia Fatt

Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Monash University Malaysia, Malaysia

Dr. Quek Kia Fatt received his PhD from University Malaya in 2002. He joined Monash University Malaysia as an associate professor in Community Health in 2006. He is a member of cardio metabolic and infection and immunity research clusters at Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences. He has great interest in research related to community or public health research. One of his areas of interest is related to epidemiology of non-communicable and communicable diseases. He has also more than 20 years’ experience in the field of statistics. With his expertise, he has served as consultant providing consultation/advisor to local industries/agencies, researchers and journals.

Harit Agroia, DrPH, MPH
Harit Agroia, DrPH, MPH

Adjunct Faculty
Department of Public Health and Recreation
College of Health and Human Sciences
San Jose State University, USA

Title: “Using Epidemiologic Data for Action: Intervention Designs to Improve Health Access and Equity”

Dr. Harit Agroia is an adjunct professor and senior public health manager with 15+ years of experience in higher education and health program planning, administration and evaluation. Her research and scientific interests include: epidemiology of infectious diseases; risk prediction modeling of emerging infectious diseases; using implementation science methods to understand effectiveness of public health implementation strategies; and application of theoretical models to evaluate behavior change interventions. Dr. Agroia holds a Doctorate and Masters in Public Health from Loma Linda University’s School of Public Health and is a certified Master Health Education Specialist. She also received supplemental and advanced training in epidemiology, implementation science and artificial intelligence. Dr. Agroia is committed to advancing healthcare access and equity among underserved and marginalized populations, and works to ensure that public health programs are not only designed and evaluated to bridge equity gaps but that research is done in close collaboration with community members and agencies providing direct services to ensure findings are relevant and representative of true population needs.
Mgr. Elena Tulupova, Ph.D.
Mgr. Elena Tulupova, Ph.D.

Institute of Public Health and Medical Law
1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University
Czech Republic

Dr. Elena Tulupova is a dedicated professional with a diverse background in molecular biology, genetics, virology, and pharmaceutical sciences. She earned her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Virology from the Faculty of Science at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, following earlier studies in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy at Saint-Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy in Russia. Throughout her career, Dr. Tulupova has acquired a wealth of experience and expertise. She has held various positions, including Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Public Health and Medical Law, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, where she has been teaching on topics such as Public Health, Migration, Ethnicity, and Health since 2011. In addition, she has been an integral part of the Agency for Migration and Adaptation (AMIGA), serving as Project Coordinator, Methodology Expert, and Chairperson.
Dr. Tulupova’s contributions extend beyond academia, as she has actively engaged in research and policy initiatives related to health and migration. She served as the Health Policy Officer for the Consortium of Migrants Assisting Organizations in the Czech Republic from 2019 to 2021, demonstrating her commitment to shaping health policies that address the needs of diverse populations. Apart from her permanent and part-time employment, Dr. Tulupova has been involved in numerous fellowships, courses, and professional activities. Her affiliations include being a civil society representative for the WHO Global Research Agenda on Refugee and Migrant Health, a member of the Society of Social Medicine and Health Care Management, and a founding member and Chairperson of AMIGA. Her extensive background in research, advocacy, and academia, along with her involvement in various governmental and non-governmental organizations, showcases Dr. Elena Tulupova as a versatile and accomplished professional in the fields of public health, migration, and mental health.

Wayamba University Sri Lanka
Dr.Amila Wickramarathna

 Wayamba University

Sri Lanka

Dr. E.A.A.M. Wickramarathna is a professional with a passion for anatomy and education. As a Lecturer in Anatomy at the Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Wayamba University, Dr. Wickramarathna brings her expertise and knowledge to inspire and educate students. Dr. Wickramarathna values the importance of sharing knowledge and actively contributes to the academic community. She is a prolific researcher and has published papers in scientific journals, contributing to the advancement of anatomical knowledge. As a testament to her academic standing, Dr. Wickramarathna holds an ORCID ID (0009-0005-5105-1697), which allows her to maintain an authoritative and recognized presence in her field

Prof. Dr. Nupurdji A. Taslim, Md., Mph., Sp.g(K)

Department Of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine
Hasanuddin University

Prof. Dr. Gilmore G. Solidum
President of ASSOCIATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION MULTIDISCIPLINARY RESEARCHERS, INC. Professor at College of Nursing and School of Public Health Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Philippines

Dr. Gilmore Gelito Solidum is a distinguished figure whose career embodies a lifelong dedication to scholarly pursuit and professional advancement in the fields of nursing, psychology, and management. With over three decades of experience, Dr. Solidum has been a tireless advocate for research-driven practices and academic excellence.

Dr. Solidum’s academic journey reflects his unwavering commitment to knowledge and intellectual growth. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with distinction from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila before pursuing further studies. His academic pursuits culminated in a Doctor of Philosophy in Management from the School of Graduate Studies at the Philippine College of Health Sciences, Inc., where he solidified his expertise at the intersection of healthcare and management. Dr. Solidum’s commitment to lifelong learning is evident in his pursuit of additional certifications, including a Professional Teaching Certification from the University of the Philippines Open University and certifications in Cookery and Bread and Pastry Production from Universidad De Manila.

Throughout his career, Dr. Solidum has held diverse leadership and teaching roles, reflecting his passion for education and academic administration. As a Professor 2 at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, he has played a pivotal role in imparting knowledge and fostering excellence in nursing and public health. His leadership extends to significant positions such as Vice President for Academic Support and Dean of the College of Nursing, where he spearheaded initiatives to elevate educational standards and promote research-driven practices. Beyond academia, Dr. Solidum has made substantial contributions as a Senior Research Specialist at the National Research Council of the Philippines and as a Program Manager for various healthcare initiatives, demonstrating his multifaceted approach to advancing healthcare and education.

Dr. Solidum’s impact transcends institutional boundaries, as he actively engages in professional organizations and serves as a resource person and speaker at conferences both locally and internationally. His expertise in various topics, ranging from nursing education to community health initiatives, has earned him prestigious accolades, including the esteemed World Research Advocacy Award and recognition as the Most Outstanding Alumnus for Education and Research by the PLM Alumni Association Inc. Dr. Solidum’s tireless dedication to excellence and his unwavering commitment to the advancement of healthcare and education continue to inspire and empower future generations of scholars and healthcare professionals.

Dr. Judilynn L. Niedo-Solidum
Dr. Judilynn L. Niedo-Solidum
Professor at University of the Philippines Manila President of UNIFFIED Manila Plus Chapter Philippines

Dr. Judilynn N. Solidum, holding the esteemed titles of RPh, MS Pharma, PhD, FRIRes, SFRIEdr, is an eminent figure in the realm of academia, particularly renowned for her profound expertise in pharmaceutical sciences, environmental science, and research ethics. Her academic journey reflects a profound dedication to lifelong learning, culminating in a rich tapestry of educational accomplishments. With a Post-PhD Studies in Strategic Management and Leadership from the Philippine Christian University, a PhD in Environmental Science from UP Los Banos, an MS in Pharmacology from UP Manila, and a BS in Pharmacy from UP Manila’s College of Pharmacy, her academic credentials attest to her unwavering commitment to scholarly excellence.

Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Solidum has seamlessly transitioned between teaching and administrative roles, leaving an indelible mark in each capacity she undertakes. Holding the prestigious rank of Professor VIII at the University of the Philippines Manila, her leadership roles have extended to pivotal positions such as Director of Sentro ng Wikang Filipino and Chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Dr. Solidum’s tenure has been characterized by her astute leadership and unwavering dedication to academic advancement, exemplifying her commitment to nurturing the next generation of scholars.

Beyond academia, Dr. Solidum’s influence permeates into the broader landscape of professional engagement and scholarly discourse. As an associate editor and editorial board member for esteemed international and national journals, she actively contributes to the advancement of pharmaceutical education and research on a global scale. Moreover, her involvement in various national and international projects underscores her multifaceted approach to addressing critical issues such as workforce development, research ethics, and environmental sustainability. Dr. Judilynn N. Solidum’s exemplary career trajectory serves as an inspiration, embodying the values of excellence, integrity, and service that continue to shape the future of academia and research.

Dr. Nur Azma Amin, P. Tech, PhD
Deputy Dean (Academic and Technology) Institute of Medical Science Technology University Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Title: “Exploring the truth: psychosocial risk on mental health among low waged workers ”

Dr. Nur Azma Amin served as an academic staff and the Deputy Dean (Academic and Technology) of the Universiti Kuala Lumpur Institute of Medical Science Technology (UniKL MESTECH). She completed her PhD from Monash University and registered Professional Technologies with Malaysia Board of Technologies (MBOT). Her research focuses on psychosocial risk factors in relation to mental health, but also extends to the ergonomic discipline. Her contributions extend through industry engagement as a trainer and consultant and within academia as researchers, research grant holders, and journal reviewers.

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