Over the past century, health system leaders have progressed toward common goals: to prevent, cure and manage illness; to deliver the best possible citizen and patient experience, and to do so in a financially sustainable way.  In identifying increased access to health care industry, this panel will debate how to use technological advances more meaningfully in the 21st Century.  Artificial Intelligence technology might be able to advance medicine in ways that humans have already decided: improving the economics of medicine, increased access to care and faster development cycles for novel treatments.

The panelists are expected to provide leadership in healthcare to address legitimate challenges and to give direction to future innovations.

That being said, this panel will include the following;

  • What is Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare?
  • How is Artificial Intelligence used in the Medical Field?
  • Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market Growth
  • Current limitations of AI in Healthcare

Panelists: Updating…


Date: 23­rd November 2020

Time: 16:00 – 17:30

Getting to the “Submit” Button: Practical Tips on Publishing in Academic Journals

Meet a Journal Editor from Taylor and Francis

Dissemination of research findings is an essential part of the scientific research process.  Hence, it is of utmost importance for a researcher who is writing a full paper with the aim of publishing in a reputable journal or in a reputable proceeding.  Furthermore, getting a paper published in a reputable peer-reviewed journal or conference proceeding is an important milestone for researchers.

This workshop will be conducted by an editor of a reputed journal published by Taylor and Francis. We expect to share the editorial expertise during the workshop which will facilitate the audience to enhance their knowledge in scholarly publications.

Resource Person

sexually transmitted disease services
Dr. Thanakorn Jirasevijinda

Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Education)
Weill Cornell College of Medicine
New York, USA


  • Date: 24th  November 2020
    Time: 16:15 -17:30
  • Audience – All Conference participants (Free entrance for conference participants)


“Stepping to 2021: The Next Chapter of ICOPH”

A workshop will be arranged by the Conference Co – Chairs to discuss the outcomes and get the feedback of the Conference. Participants can share their experiences of attending the conference and express their ideas on areas to be improved in the future.

Moreover, the plans to be executed when organizing for ICOPH 2021  will be discussed during the workshop providing an opportunity for participants to share their views and voice their suggestions in terms of the conference theme, conference tracks, venue, dates, keynote speakers, partners featured events and any other applicable areas. The workshop will provide an insight to deliver the future conferences in a fruitful way with the outputs received by the Conference Chair, Keynote Speakers, Participants, and Organizers.

Date: 24th  November 2020

Time: 16:30 – 17:00

Audience: All Conference Participants

medical education conferences


Sr. Public Health Specialist

Workshop on Business – NGO Partnership Building 

Partnering across sectors is becoming increasingly the norm to address the most significant challenges in our global world as financial resources are constrained. The interconnectedness of issues including poverty, poor health, and poor quality of education, job insecurity, climate change, and endemic corruption affects all sectors and requires the involvement of all sectors.

This two-hour workshop provides an opportunity to learn how to build successful partnerships based on the practical experience of businesses and nonprofits from around the world.

The workshop is highly interactive and will cover skills needed for partnership building including:

  • Networking and building a reputation for collaboration;
  • Building relationships and trust;
  • Writing an MOU;
  • Implementing a partnership;
  • Communicating about the partnership; and
  • Assessing progress and outcomes

healthcare management conferencesModerator:
Alene H. Gelbard, Ph.D.

Founder and Principal, ACCESS Partnerships
Adjunct Professor of Social Enterprise, American University, Washington D.C.


Date: 24th  November 2020
Time: 14:45 ‐ 16:45
Audience: All Conference Participants

Call for workshops

ICOPH 2020 is the greatest platform for discussing ongoing work and current results, as well as shaping new ideas and research fields. We particularly invite workshop proposals looking at public health related topics from an interdisciplinary standpoint, proposals focusing on novel aspects of the public health sector. We encourage the submission of workshop proposals on any topic related to Public Health.

Send your Proposal

Each proposal will be reviewed by the members of the workshop programme committee, and ranked based on the overall quality of the proposal and the workshop’s fit to the conference as detailed below.

The criteria for judging the quality of workshop proposals are as follows:

  • Workshops cover topics falling in the general scope of the ICOPH 2020 conference.
  • Clear demonstration that the workshop will be able to attract participants and build the interest.
  • Workshops should have a clear focus on a specific techniques, problem or application.
  • Workshops must be genuine interactive and workshops with creative structures and organizations that attract various types of contributions and ensure rich interactions are welcomed.
  • Workshop duration is normally expected to be 3 hours.
  • Workshops need to clearly describe how they are planning to attract a sufficient number of participants.
  • Workshops that have less than 10 people registered at the early registration deadline might be canceled.
  • Workshop attendees must register for the workshop as well as for the main conference days.

Primary Health Care

Important Dates

  • Workshop proposals submission deadline: 24th July 2020
  • Notification of acceptance: Within two weeks
  • Workshop registration deadline: 17th September 2020
  • Workshop days will be informed of the final conference program. Call for Workshops



Submission Guidelines

Workshop proposals have to be submitted via “

Each proposal must consist of a single PDF document written in English, not longer than four pages, which contains the following information:

  • The title and description of the workshop in 200 words maximum.
  • A description of why the topic is of particular interest at this time the target audience and expected number of participants
  • A brief description (draft outline) of the proposed workshop format and activities such as paper presentations, invited talks, panels, breakout sessions, or general discussion slots, and an approximate timeline.
  • Names and contact information of the workshop organizers/moderator(s) (name, affiliation, email address, and short (one paragraph) biography of each chair/moderator, explaining the chair’s expertise for the workshop including past experience in organizing / facilitating workshops).


ICOPH 2020 provides you a promotional space to showcase your work, products and services with the objective of bridging the Academia, Policy and Healthcare Industry.


Audience at ICOPH 2020

250+ students and delegates representing universities, institutes, government organizations, companies from around 50 countries representing every region of the world.

  • Students – Undergraduates/Master students/PhD students
  • Lecturers and Researchers
  • Decision makers – Vice Chancellors/Deans/Department Heads/Program Coordinators/ Directors
  • Health Industry professionals and experts
  • Representatives from government institutes
  • Project coordinators from non – profit organizations


We Encourage,

  • Health Institutes, Associations and Universities
  • Companies with latest health technologies
  • Wearable Health Tech & Medical Device Companies
  • IT and Healthcare solutions
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Best-in-class technology consultation services
  • Learning – Mobile Applications for medical groups and health systems / Instructional Software/AI
  • Similar health conferences/workshops/exhibitions and event organizers
  • Recruitment and Training agencies.


Why ICOPH 2020?

  • Introduce your new product/service to the global health market
  • Build group of contacts beneficial to your business through networking opportunities
  • Establish a new approach to market in a different region with the growing international audience.

Decide your Package









Promotional Space

Dedicated 6x2sqm space in the exhibition area, with an opportunity to bring own branding/backdrop

(Space only, 1 x table & 2 x chairs – no booth/walls)

Dedicated 3x2sqm space in the exhibition area, with an opportunity to bring own branding/backdrop

(Space only, 1 x table & 2 x chairs – no booth/walls)

With an opportunity to bring own branded roller banner to display in a dedicated area

(Space only, 1 x table & 2 x chairs)


Participation 2 complimentary passes to attend ICOPH2020 Conference (July 9-11, 2020)


30% discount for additional passes to attend the conference

complimentary pass to attend the ICOPH2020 Conference (July 9-11, 2020)


20% discount for additional passes to attend the conference

1 complimentary pass to attend the ICOPH 2020 Conference (July 9-11, 2020)


15%  discount for additional passes

Recognition and promotion

Recognition and logo on Conference website/promotional materials

onsite branding presentation slot at the product launching session

Two Material display (pennants/banners) and distribution

Recognition and logo on Conference website/promotional materials

onsite branding presentation slot at the product launching session

1 Material display pennants/banners)  and distribution

Recognition and logo on Conference website/promotional materials and onsite branding

1 Material display pennants/banners) and distribution

Send your proposals or contact us for further information at

Deadline for the Proposal submission – 24th July 2020


Artificial Intelligence (AI), design thinking, robotics and big data have made a splash across all industries, but perhaps their greatest impact is in healthcare. As technology and innovation has grown in the healthcare field, innovative people have found amazing ways to improve their offerings and revolutionize the industry. The results are simply amazing – the power of innovation in healthcare and how new ideas and technology can completely change the experience for patients and providers.

The 6th International Conference on Public Health will share the success stories of Artificial Intelligence in Health care. Industry experts from around the world will attend this special event to share their innovations. We warmly welcome you to listen to these success stories, and think about how you might make a change in the public health sector.

Send Your Proposal Now

If you are a change – maker and is committed to making a difference here’s the chance for you. The 6th International Conference on Public Health invites you to submit your AI success story proposal to

If you have any inquiry regarding this please contact us at